Reflection 2-15

Don’t make your life about things, make it about doing something.

Reflection 2-14

In the war against sin, the battle is not against the final act, but rather the first

Reflection 2-13
We have not been sent to earth to accumulate maal, but rather to accumulate a’maal.
Reflection 2-12

It’s funny that when you want to let go, holding on is the only way out.

Reflection 2-11

Life knoweth no betrayal greater than that made in loving trust.

Reflection 2-10

The howl of the wolf dims not the moon.

Reflection 2-9

Lovers speak in silence.

Reflection 2-8

If words are taken to represent realities beyond themselves, then there is no word more perfect than Allah.

Reflection 2-7

The heaviest weights are those borne most silently.

Reflection 2-6

Pride is the dark side of a coin named delusion.