Reflection 2-3

A smart person is able to discern the correct answer, a wise person the right choice. The two are often not synonymous.

Reflection 2-2

Suicide is sometimes an exaggerated form of laziness.

Reflection 2-1

To win sometimes we must first lose.

Reflection 1-100

Life is meant to be a sajdah that doesn’t end.

Reflection 1-99
When confronted with sin, exit is more important than the gracious part.


Reflection 1-98
There is no name more beautiful than Thine, especially when nothing but silence clasps these ears of mine. The head bows, symbols fall, leaving me alone with You.


Reflection 1-97

That I seek Your love I pray marks the same.

Reflection 1-96

Trials provide an opportunity for love and sacrifice to manifest, for the potential to become kinetic. A rose is always more beautiful than the seed.

Reflection 1-95

We are a curious breed – quite literally.  Tell one not to Google your name and they most surely will. This kills not only the cat but sadly many a wandering eye and ear as well.

Reflection 1-94

Growth requires change, and change is uncomfortable. Being too snug is a sign of spiritual dormancy.