The Journey

Amongst sages and scholars, saints and lovers
Students and servants, martyrs and callers
Providence did afford so opportune a travel
That this tangled quilt so woven may unravel
Laden with sin outstripped by only remorse
Of how things should have been had I stayed the course
So heedless and reckless, did I Thy favor abuse
Snared so deeply by my own deadly ruse
Only to learn that with august company would lie my roster
What but gratefulness could such senseless clemency foster
To dispel the dark of night, takes only a single ray
But you chose to keep with me the sun of day, as if you wanted me to say…
If to enlighten an ocean of darkness, it takes but a single flame
Then why did you drown me in an ocean of torches tame
Except that I may to all tell…
‘Tis the cool waters of Heaven for us you desire, not the fiery ingot of Hell

[On the occasion of the lesser pilgrimage with my beloved Shaykh (may Allah SWT preserve him)]

-Shaykh Omar Hussaini