Raising the Axe

Every idol that I hated
I found staring at me within
The house that You had created
To be fully free from sin

None the world’s waters
Can cleanse this impurity
None the mountain’s fires
Can burn away this infidelity

It needs not hesitant whispers
When one is to proclaim openly
It needs not the hand that falters
When one is to strike decisively

My arms are weak I say
Perhaps another day
And days bleed into years
Of drought yearning for a rain of tears

Of strength there is plenty
It is in resolve I am weak
I wish I had the will
To do that which i seek

I want your light to burn within
But can never light the spark
While wet darkness is pouring in
From these partners that I mark

You desire exclusivity
None else within the room
That should rightly be
Only for thee
But I give away too soon

– Shaykh Omar Hussaini