Turn where I may
Still engulfed by an emptiness
Without escape
However quickly I run
It outpaces me
Wherever I hide
I find, It has outstripped meI loathe that loneliness
That hallow abyss
Gnawing away at a soul
that has let go and lies helpless
As if to say: ‘do of me as you will’
I cannot evade thee

I know no other world than this bleak horizon
Under whose shadow I abide
Knowing well I have no recourse
For what engulfs me lies inside

I cannot run from myself
And to let go of who I am
Is to seek a tomorrow I do not know
Rather I curl up in the misery of what is familiar

My eyes set on so many a mirage
In the shifting desert of my heart
Chasing an endless saga of disappointment
Always unfulfilled, I crawl on

Walking dilligently down roads that lead nowhere