Mehfil Jan. 14th – 6:15PM EST


Reflection 1-5

There are those that love Shakespeare, and then those that love the feeling of understanding something no one else can. Another example of a life full of empty pleasures.

Reflection 1-4

There is an Arabic aphorism that states:

كُلُّ جَدِيدٍ لذِيذٌ

This rings particularly true today where we see a shared obsession for “re-ing.”

Reinvent, renaissance, revolution, renovate, rethink, revisit, reply. If we could redo gender, we would – wait, we already have (though trans-ing is still not nearly as Miami as “re-ing”).

And so the rallying cry for thought leadership, for “re-ing”, fully reduced, is a narrative of ideas.

Where then does heart or spiritual leadership fit in? Perhaps it doesn’t…it’s hard to redo perfection. The narrative is done.

Reflection 1-3

We agree that transparency is important in relationships.

That is not to say that everything need be said, but rather that one lives such that they leave nothing to say.

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