Reflection 2-15

Don’t make your life about things, make it about doing something.

Reflection 2-14

In the war against sin, the battle is not against the final act, but rather the first

Reflection 2-13
We have not been sent to earth to accumulate maal, but rather to accumulate a’maal.
Reflection 1-27

I’ve never loved anything so unseen, but yet never seen any love so real.

Reflection 1-18

You can be right, or you can reach resolution.

In life, the two are oftentimes not synonymous.

He who seeks justice may get it, but it may be a hollow victory.

Life is not meant to be played fairly or won, there is a higher ethic.

Reflection 1-17

A single touch outstrips a hundred words, sweeter than honey, softer than rose.

But love pure, outweighs them all – the delicate caress, the gentlest prose.

It embraces without contact, speaks without words. Never seen, always felt…that which cannot be sensed, always is.