Reflection 1-91

To want what is not yours is a well-tried recipe for misery

Reflection 1-90
Some speak over others by tongue, others in their mind. Both make poor listeners.

Reflection 1-89

The spiritual engine behind the entire Ummah is the heart of Rasulullah (S). We are each but a caboose or box car, linked to those before us and thus pulled along. To think oneself an engine, and thus to disconnect from the car ahead of us, is as empowering, and affords as much autonomy, as a mountaineer that cuts his own cable. There is a rush and swiftly he is free – to plummet to his death, that is.


Reflection 1-88

The spring of wisdom spouts more from experience than labored thought, if only because it is hard to think about something we would never have thought to think about.

Reflection 1-87

We inspire other less by what we achieve than by what we have sacrificed to achieve it.

Reflection 1-86

Zikr polishes the heart. When the lens is clear, one can see things for what they are.

Reflection 1-85
In the hurry to arrive, do not forget to enjoy the ride.
Reflection 1-84

Ikhlas is what’s left when feelings fade.

Reflection 1-83

Armchair Islam is comfortable but doesn’t seem to get you anywhere.

Reflection 1-82
The difference between patience and thankfulness is that in one we endure, in the other we accept.