Reflection 2-1

To win sometimes we must first lose.

Reflection 1-100

Life is meant to be a sajdah that doesn’t end.

Reflection 1-99
When confronted with sin, exit is more important than the gracious part.


Reflection 1-98
There is no name more beautiful than Thine, especially when nothing but silence clasps these ears of mine. The head bows, symbols fall, leaving me alone with You.


Reflection 1-97

That I seek Your love I pray marks the same.

Reflection 1-96

Trials provide an opportunity for love and sacrifice to manifest, for the potential to become kinetic. A rose is always more beautiful than the seed.

Reflection 1-95

We are a curious breed – quite literally.  Tell one not to Google your name and they most surely will. This kills not only the cat but sadly many a wandering eye and ear as well.

Reflection 1-94

Growth requires change, and change is uncomfortable. Being too snug is a sign of spiritual dormancy.

Reflection 1-93

Bitter pills are often the ones that are most effective.

Reflection 1-92
As unsavory as it is, we are sometimes required to compromise our principles. The line between Hikmah and Mudahanah (sycophantry) is often fine indeed, but the key to differentiation lies in intention. The first is for Allah, the latter for people.