Reflection 2-12

It’s funny that when you want to let go, holding on is the only way out.

Reflection 2-11

Life knoweth no betrayal greater than that made in loving trust.

Reflection 2-9

Lovers speak in silence.

Reflection 2-8

If words are taken to represent realities beyond themselves, then there is no word more perfect than Allah.

Reflection 2-7

The heaviest weights are those borne most silently.

Reflection 2-6

Pride is the dark side of a coin named delusion.

Reflection 2-5

To gloat over self control, openly or implicitly, indicates a dearth of the same.

Reflection 2-4

The secret to good living has little to do with what we have, and much to do with how we think. It is no small blessing then that thoughts are free.

Reflection 2-3

A smart person is able to discern the correct answer, a wise person the right choice. The two are often not synonymous.

Reflection 2-2

Suicide is sometimes an exaggerated form of laziness.