Reflection 1-22

The uninitiated Nafs hates restraint; corralling is indeed hard work. But in wolf country, one can only go home when all horses are in the stable.

Reflection 1-21

One problem with having one’s head above the clouds is that it is easy to lose sight of the rest of the world from up there.

The second is that it’s easy to trip and fall.

The third is that it smarts so much more when you do.

Reflection 1-20

In marriage, sometimes letting go is the first step to holding on.

Reflection 1-19

Do you dissolve a relationship because the two of you are not compatible?

Compatibility is a funny thing. It sure is good to have, but maturity does well in its stead. The more you have of one the less you need of the other.

Reflection 1-10

The one who knows but acts not has little advantage over one who knows naught.

Reflection 1-9

Shelter is a place of refuge from the elements, an escape from the chilling embrace of winter.

I envision the warmth of a cinnamon fireplace, of cobbled stone and children snuggled under wooly throws, while icicles peer in through windows with half drawn curtains while clasping tenuously to the soffits and fascia, while soft golden rays laying warm hues over the cold, blue blanket of snow.

It strikes me then that we exist on a planet whose environs are gradually warming while our homes grow steadily more frigid and stale. Perhaps this is why the masses seek refuge from their homes rather than in them.

Reflection 1-8

It seems that everyday we are confronted with our inability to be who we would like to be, by our personal saga of frailties and failures.

If this is true then perhaps our success does not lie in surmounting our failings, because in a sense one never does, but rather in continuing to strive despite of them.

Reflection 1-4

There is an Arabic aphorism that states:

كُلُّ جَدِيدٍ لذِيذٌ

This rings particularly true today where we see a shared obsession for “re-ing.”

Reinvent, renaissance, revolution, renovate, rethink, revisit, reply. If we could redo gender, we would – wait, we already have (though trans-ing is still not nearly as Miami as “re-ing”).

And so the rallying cry for thought leadership, for “re-ing”, fully reduced, is a narrative of ideas.

Where then does heart or spiritual leadership fit in? Perhaps it doesn’t…it’s hard to redo perfection. The narrative is done.

Reflection 1-3

We agree that transparency is important in relationships.

That is not to say that everything need be said, but rather that one lives such that they leave nothing to say.

Reflection 1-1

It is a western malady.

 We dub sin as modernity and godliness as old-fashioned. The former is seen as rapidly progressive, the latter stale and static.

And they are right.

One is a car quickly racing over the edge of a precipitous cliff, the other safely parked in a heated garage. It is not surprising then that suicide, spiritual or otherwise, seems to be in vogue these days.