Reflection 2-12

It’s funny that when you want to let go, holding on is the only way out.

Reflection 2-10

The howl of the wolf dims not the moon.

Reflection 1-90
Some speak over others by tongue, others in their mind. Both make poor listeners.
Reflection 1-83

Armchair Islam is comfortable but doesn’t seem to get you anywhere.

Reflection 1-76
Magnanimity in the face of an affront melts the heart almost as quickly as selfless love.


Reflection 1-60

Disillusionment with Dunya begins when the illusion ends; her elusion begins when our disillusionment does.

Reflection 1-59

Is belief predicated on faith or reason? Faith. This may be unsavory to some, terrifying even. It rings of barbarism- a backward, dogmatic, and oversimplified approach to life. We create a diatribe of polemics and apologetics to ward this less than desirable label. It puzzles me though why we fear faith because it is blind, but not reason lest it prove false? If heaven and hell hang in the balance, I would rather enter the former as a simpleton than the latter erudite.

Reflection 1-58

There are myriad reasons why people leave the Deen in this day and age – the slow rust of sin, scourge of skepticism and doubt, preconceived notions of the Truth, negative interactions with Muslims, hubris of intellect, the apparent rational appeal of alternative ideologies or personalities, the desire to fit in, growing weary of restrictions, anger at life, over-entitlement, the quiet escape from guilt, despair over hell, blurring between religion and culture, lack of any perceived benefit, attention, financial benefit, societal acceptance, depression and boredom, and the list goes on.

What they share in common is a defect in the defector not the Deen.

Reflection 1-55

If you are to serve as a base for those close to you, the foundation upon which your loved ones stand, one must ready themselves to be trodden upon.

Such is the earth – it lets the world walk all over it, but never gives up its perennial support. To find this strength turn inward, for earth is the being of man.

Reflection 1-28

One who allows themselves to be held captive by their past, relinquishes something of their future.